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Prego Miracle Lasagna

Yield: 6 servings

Preparation Time: 5 min, Cook Time: 1 hour



1. In 2-quart shallow baking dish (11x7 inch) spread 1 cup spaghetti sauce. Top with 3 uncooked lasagna noodles, ricotta cheese, 1 cup mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese and 1 cup spaghetti sauce. Top with remaining 3 uncooked lasagna noodles and remaining spaghetti sauce. Cover.

2. Bake at 375 F. for 1 hour. Uncover and top with remaining mozzarella cheese. Let stand 5 minutes.

Variation: Use 3-quart shallow baking dish (13x9 inch). Proceed as in step 1. Top Parmesan cheese with 1 lb. ground beef or Italian pork sausage, casing removed, cooked and drained.

Please note that some ingredients and brands may not be available in every store.

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